Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So what's this all about?

You found it. The blog on championships.

This blog is intended to be about facts related to championships of any sort, and any aspect of championships that seems interesting, while mostly focusing on national and world championships from any country. If you know of any championship events or organizations that hold these events, neat stories, or are a champion or know of a team/person who is, then please post comments because all of us together know about more championships than I do right now. So with your help this can be a very useful, entertaining, and informative blog, but please verify the accuracy of your comments and be kind and objective if you leave an opinion and please use clean words. Others may find it useful if you include legitimate links to websites related to your comments.

I find championships very fascinating because there are so many of them for many different types of events. Millions of people know about the famous ones like the Superbowl, the World Series, the PGA tournaments, and the FIFA World Cup for soccer/football, but there are so many more championships out there because people specialize in lots of different sorts of activities and different events are more popular in different countries. And then there are championship events for different categories of participants, like professional, collegiate, high school, hobby, events where anyone can participate, and within these there are divisions, each with there own national champion. Between all the events on the planet that award National and World Championship titles for individuals and teams, there are thousands of new champions each year.

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