Sunday, December 9, 2007

International Whistling Championship

What would the world be like without whistling? It sure adds a lot to films, shows, and life. If you think you are really good at musical whistling, then go to the International Whistler's Convention (IWC) around the end of April each year in Louisburg, North Carolina for their International Whistling Champioinship, or you could just go and listen and visit their International Whistlers Museum.

Contestants in the International Whistling Championship can enter into three categories: Classical Music, Popular music, and Allied Arts (which is where contestants are allowed to do other things while whislting, like accompany themselves).

There are several titles that people can win in this contest. Contestants who enter into the classical and the popular music categories can go on to become the male or female International Grand Champion of musical whistling. There are also male and female teenage champions, children's champions, and allied arts champions. The whistling Entertainer of the Year is also recognized at the convention.

International Whistler's Convention:

High quality recordings of musical whistling:

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