Saturday, November 24, 2007

World Ice Climbing Championships

I was wondering about ice climbing and guess what, it is a relatively recent international competitive sport. Ice climbers compete on either speed or difficulty, with men and women competing for separate titles. The World Ice Climbing Championships/World Cup have been held by UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation/Union Internationale Des Associations D'Alpinisme) for a number of years with outdoor competitions.

More recently The North Face, Inc. has sponsored The Ice Climbing World Cup, which is an indoor competition where participants also compete on speed or difficulty. About 2000 spectators can watch in person. The UIAA seems to endorse this event because their logo is on the website.

I have noticed other sports where there are two different 'top' championships for the same sport. Perhaps in the future one event will become more prestigious and the other will disband or the two will merge. Maybe this is already occurring in 2008 and I just don't know. For other sports where there are multiple national or world championships, it would be nice to know which is considered more reputable or prestigious by the participants.

Here is a quick video from the 2006 UIAA World Cup

UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup

North Face Ice Climbing World Cup

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